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Welcome to (aka Pizza Maker's Journal) where I document my journey to the perfect pizza! I have set out to create several pizza recipes that can be made at home, inexpensively and of the quality that you expect from a fine pizzeria. I hope you find my notes useful. Happy Pizza making!

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    Philly Cheese Steak – tag team style

    Filed under: — PizzaBill @ 11:36 pm

    Ever since I began trying to bake Hoagie Grinder Rolls my friend and I have been planning a Philly Cheesesteak event using my rolls and his recipe for amazing steak. Tonight, that plan materialized and we gave our best shot at doing Philly Cheesesteaks tag team style!

    One of the remarkable things about this night was the fact that we did nothing at all in advance but buy ingredients. Beginning at 5:00 I started the dough for rolls and he started prepping the steak and toppings. I think the freshness of the end product was due largely to this fact.

    While I made fresh Hoagie Rolls, my friend chopped mushrooms and onions for sautee and coated his steak with oil, kosher salt and cracked pepper. As I was rolling and proofing the rolls, he was browning the steak Levitra and melting the cheese (we used canned cheddar cheese soup for the “cheese whiz” sauce topping).

    As the rolls cooled we sliced the steak and then put everything together on a plate. In original Philadelphia style, we drenched the bun with melted cheese, then added steak, sauteed onions and mushrooms, then more cheese. These were by far some of the best steak hoagies I’ve ever eaten! The combination of fresh rolls and hot steak resulted in a flavor good beyond words. It tasted so good, I ate two.

    As for the tag team approach, I think this was great fun and really added to the excitement of the night. I think we’ll be doing this again for sure. When we do, I’ll be sure to write about it here. Don’t these pictures make you hungry? Mmmmmm…


    Lean and Chewy crust attempt

    Filed under: — PizzaBill @ 10:43 pm

    I picked up some pasta flour the other day because it said it was a combination of wheat grain and semolina. I’ve been looking for semolina to see what effect it would have on the “bite” of the dough. Today I added pasta flour to my dough at about 15% flour weight.

    In addition, I bought some dried egg whites because I had read that it helps the crust to brown. Brown crust has been eluding me for quite a while so I’ll give it a shot as well.

    Here is the recipe I used:
    13-5/8 oz Hi Gluten Flour
    2-3/8 oz Pasta Flour (for the semolina content)
    1 cup Water
    2-1/4 tsp Active Dry Yeast
    2 tsp Salt
    1 Tbl Dry Egg Whites (for crust browning)

    I mixed everything in the bread maker then balled it. The dough ball was retarded in the refrigerator for 24 hours play casino blackjack blimp online blackjack then stretched on a 16 inch pizza screen. I topped it with Neapolitan pepperoni and cheese and baked it at 480 degrees for 9 minutes.

    The taste of the pizza was wonderful. The “bite” was definitely evident. I really enjoyed the texture of the slice. The crust rim seemed a bit dense, but this has been the case for quite a while (larger voids and lighter crust rims might be my next mission). It even seemed to brown quite nicely. For now, I will attribute the browning to the addition of the egg whites.

    In general I feel like I am getting to know the ingredients and their effects on the final product. I still do not have my crust the way I really want it. I am having a blast and eating a lot of really good pizza as I go, and that’s what really counts!


    “Coolest Mixer on Earth”

    Filed under: — PizzaBill @ 1:42 pm

    dough mixer with flames

    Most know that I don’t use a dough mixer (yet). In fact, all of my mixing is done by my trusty breadmaker. But if I did have a mixer, it would be VERY tempting to get a custom paint job on that baby. Maybe metal flake yellow with hand-painted pepperoni Electronic Cigarettes?

    Apparently this guy took his to get it signed by Alton Brown (known for his show Good Eats on The Food Network). Alton was impressed enough to put a photo on his web site calling it the “Coolest mixer on Earth”. I’d like to take that thing for a “spin”.



    Filed under: — PizzaBill @ 12:14 am

    Photo of our pizza snowman

    The snow was perfect snowman-snow today as you can see. I proceeded to build a snowman with my two daughters. Here is what I have to say about this photo:

    YES – this is a real picture of the snowman we built today
    YES – that is a picture of one of my pizzas
    YES – our snowman was Cialis 10mg actually holding a broom and a pizza pan
    NO – the pizza was not on the pan in real life (everyone knows pizza melts snowmen)
    YES – I realize that my children are going to grow up with an abnormal sense for pizza’s place in life
    YES – writing this post has made me hungry for pepperoni pizza


    Superbowl Fans Like Pizza!

    Filed under: — PizzaBill @ 12:50 am

    It was no suprise to me when I read that 68% of Super Bowl watchers choose pizza for their game day meal. An article on gives some really interesting facts about the pizza habits of American football fans.

    Did you know that Domino’s Pizza expects to smoking cessation program use of electronic cigarettes sell 1.2 Million pies that day – enough pizzas to cover four entire stadium fields?!?

    I imagine I’ll be busy baking that Sunday as well. After all, I’m not one to miss an excuse to eat pizza.

    Read the facts about pizza on Superbowl Sunday at

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