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Welcome to (aka Pizza Maker's Journal) where I document my journey to the perfect pizza! I have set out to create several pizza recipes that can be made at home, inexpensively and of the quality that you expect from a fine pizzeria. I hope you find my notes useful. Happy Pizza making!

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    48 Hour Boli Dough Pizza with The Works

    Filed under: — PizzaBill @ 11:34 am

    After enjoying the great pizza we made yesterday, I decided to have a repeat by using the second half of the double batch of Bill’s Traditional pizza dough to recreate another pizza with the works! The only difference with this pie is the age of the dough and the duration of the bake.

    The 48 hour dough ball was stretched onto a 16 inch pizza screen and topped with pepperoni, ham, black olives, and Online Pokies sauteed green peppers and onions. Like yesterday’s pie, the second half remained only pepperoni for my kids. It was then baked for almost 10 minutes at 480 degrees.

    This pie was just as tasty as the one from yesterday. I noticed a bit of a difference in the texture of the crust, but not so much in the flavor. Of course the toppings really had the majority of my attention in most bites.


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