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    Pittsburgh Square Pizza Tour – Pizza House (aka Police Station)

    Filed under: — PizzaBill @ 11:45 pm

    The third and final stop in our Pittsburgh Square Pizza tour was another well known pizzeria called “Police Station Pizza” in Ambridge, PA. I learned that the real name is Pizza House, but no one calls it that. We almost didn’t make it in time to order as we arrived 10 minutes from closing time.

    We were greeted by a friendly employee who asked us how many slices we wanted. You don’t have to tell them what kind you want because they don’t add toppings until the slices are ready. In fact, they only bake the pizza with sauce and cheese. Since we ordered pepperoni and mushrooms, they were piled onto our slices right before they closed the lid on the carry out box! A man next to me ordered extra cheese and was asked if he wanted that “melted”. This is because many people ask for uncooked shredded mozzarella to be added to the top of their pie after it comes out of the oven.

    While I waited for the slices to cook, I asked if I could take a few photos. The gang at Police Station were great sports and actually came together for a group photo by the counter. They all said “pizza” and I snapped my favorite shot of the night.

    Once our order was up, we headed for the van to eat our pizza before midnight. I must say that this was an outstanding pizza. The flavor of the sauce went perfect with the firm but tender crust and quality toppings. The fact that the toppings were uncooked didn’t bother me at all. The only negative thing about Police Station pizza is that it is about 5 hours from my home town! What a great ending to a perfect pizza night.

    Stay tuned here at for some square pizza as I try to imitate some of the inspiring shops I visited tonight!

    Visit the Pizza House (aka Police Station Pizza)
    1007 Merchant St
    Ambridge, PA 15003-2329
    Phone: (724) 266-3904

    Tell em Pizzamaniac sent ya!

    47 Responses to “Pittsburgh Square Pizza Tour – Pizza House (aka Police Station)”

    1. Carey Says:

      I’ve never heard of piling on fresh cold toppings. But the photos make it look like a darn good pizza. Please let us know when you nail that recipe!

    2. Reba Says:

      I live near Ambridge, and Police Station Pizza is by far my favorite place to order from. I’m so glad to see it so highly praised on this website!

    3. Scott Reinard Says:

      This pizza has existed since I was a little kid. It tastes the same as it always did. Great pizza!

      If I wasn’t such a LARD-A** I’d eat it every day.

    4. alycia Says:

      I have eaten this pizza since i was a little girl! This is the best pizza in the world! I graduated from ambridge i live in ohio now and i miss it soo much! My dad comes to visit he will bring some unbaked to me and when i go in a get some too! It is the best! My husband is from ohio and i have him hooked on it too!

    5. Elizabeth Says:

      This pizza is amazing. Each piece is a perfect size and tastes great. In you are in the mood for Police Station Pizza,nothing will get in your way to get it. They put your needs before their own and make every slice of pizza the way you want it. Not only is it great tasting, its very affordable. If you ever get a chance to try it, try it and i garuntee you will love it!

    6. Bettie Dunlap Guss Says:

      I been eating this pizza since it was 2 pieces for a quarter. I have taken this pizza to California when I visited family from Ambridge. I live in Ohio and we bring it home with us
      anytime we are in PA. Love the stuff.
      Best pizza ever. Nowhere else has such an organized ordering system and it works.

    7. Kamm Says:

      I lived in ambridge for 34 years, i now live in Las Vegas, this is the best pizza anyone will ever eat!! i get it shipped out to vegas once in awhile, it’s worth the cost of shipping!!

    8. Geary Says:

      I remember when Police Station Pizza
      used to be 14th Street Pizza. I always
      used to get Frank’s Pizza on 6th and
      Duss Ave. It was a round, thin-crust
      pizza and pretty darn good. However, one night, while working at the Sunoco
      Station at 11th and Merchant Street, one of the guys went over to 14th Street Pizza and brough some back to work. I had two slices of their pizza with mushrooms on them. Outstanding!
      I now live in Canton, Ohio and drive back to Ambridge, PA to get Police Station Pizza. I always get 3 full pies. One with pepperoni and two with mushroom. It’s the only pizza you can put in the frig and microwave the next day and still have a crispy crust. The only other pizza that I have ever eaten that beat out everyone was at a place at 9th and Duss Ave in Ambridge, PA called Cerones. A small 4-slice was 50 cents and a large 6-slice was 75 cents. That was back in the 60’s. You could smell their pizza block away. It smelled like old gym socks and tasted like it came from heaven. The owners have long since passed away, so my my money, Police Station Pizza is kind, followed by Franks. Everything else, especially in Ohio, tastes terrible. So, unless I drive into Ambridge, I make my own, which is the raves of my sons and their friends. They keep telling me to open my own pizza shop, but I would rather folks just stop by for a super home-made pizza. My pizza has beaten out Franks and come extremely close to Police Station Pizza. I got the family receipe from the Cerones before they passed away, but I can’t match it no matter how hard I try. Until I do, Police Station Pizza will be more than worth the 3 hour round trip. You just can’t buy a better pizza anywhere, and I have traveled the world. New York Pizza stinks and Chicago Pizza is just a bad. Only in upstate New York, where families put up signs inviting folks to drop in for dinner, can you get good pizza. Noble Romans Pizza had a sauce that was very close to Cerone’s, but they priced themselves out of business. The 91 Wood Oven here in Canton, OH has a sauce that is very close, but you have to eat it while it’s hot. Once it starts to cool, it tastes likes all the crummy pizza you get in Ohio. Buy the way, Pappa Johns is the worse pizza I ever ate. Sauce tastes like they got it from a garbage can.

    9. Ryan Says:

      My father owns the business and I work there also. We are greatly appreciative for your comments and we are happy that you continue to come to our shop and enjoy our pizza (except for the guy who said he liked Frank’s(just joking)). Thanks for your support.

    10. JP Says:

      I grew up and lived in Ambridge until I was 24 and over the last 11 years since I have traveled all across the U.S. and have been to Italy and Sicily
      And Police station Pizza has been and still is by far the best that I ever had. I know live in the Columbus Oh. area and the pizza here is a far cry from average compared to any of the Pizza shops in the Beaver Valley or Pittsburgh area for that matter.
      I usually come home 3-4 times a year and every time I am home a tray is comming back with me.

      GO STEELERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    11. Veto Says:

      I know about Cerone’s and ate there a lot. To me, that was the world’s best Pizza. I do agree that Franks and Police Station are good and each is very unique unto itself. But no one will ever beat Cerone’s in a million years. And yes, it did smell like old gym socks. Best pizza I ever ate.

    12. Cafass Says:

      I grew up loving this pizza and now that there is a second location in Zelie it has my wife hooked like I never would have believed. Very simple business plan that has worked tremendously, serve only great pizza and make it easy for the customer to order and get out of there, Bing, game over.. best around

    13. Cafass Says:

      Oh.. GO TITANS

    14. Jimmy Mike Says:

      I’ve never had Pizza House pizza. But I’ll be sure to try it after reading what everyone has to say.

    15. Elias Joseph Krol Says:

      I LOVE PO PO PIZZA YO! its the best pizza i have ever had in my entire life i highly recomend it!

    16. Joe N. Says:

      I grew up in the Ambridge area and was weaned on “Police Station Pizza” I can tell you that in all my travels and in the multitude of Pizza places I have visited in the Pittsburgh area, nothing comes close. Luckily I only live about 50 minutes away so I can get my “fix” every so often. A suprizing fact is that the 2nd best pizza parlor in the Pittsburgh area is also located in Ambridge, as mentioned in another post, Frank’s is also superb but very different and therefore I try not to make direct comparisons. I think it odd that one little dying steel town outside of Pittsburgh has the 2 best Pizza shops I have had the pleasure to patronize. I have sometime questioned if I have some kind of hometown bias, but tastebuds don’t lie, I can be objective, Ambridge is one lucky town if for no other reason, the pizza.

    17. Michele Says:

      I have eaten this pizza my entire life and can NOT find any other that comes close to beating it. They say the secret is the Ambridge water. Makes the crust perfectly crispy. I think that is why it can’t be touched by anyone. Keep up the good work guys/gals!!!

    18. Geary Says:

      Hey Veto. I’ve never met you, but you ate at Cerones. Anyone whoever ate pizza at Cernones will never die and go to Hell. Heaven is were Joe and Millie live. They will be there for all eternity to make that most wonderful pizza for those of us who make it. The fact that you ate there gives you a free ticket into Heaven. Once again, Franks and Police Station are good, but Cerones was to die for. No one will ever match them.

    19. Geary Says:

      Is there anyone out there that remembers the Sunoco Gas Station that used to be at 11th & Merchant Street? I worked there from 1962 till 1968 until Uncle Sam grabbed me for duty in Viet Nam. I filled a lot of gas tanks, washed a lot of windows, and gave a lot of late-night customers Police Station Pizza as a partinh way. Cerones would have been my first choice, but the family passed away. Cerones will never be beaten by anyone. By the way, the Sunoco Station was called Johnny’s Sunoco. I was the night manager. $10.00 says I washed your windshield in the 60’s. If you rememer the place, please drop me an e-mail at Thanks.

    20. Mary Says:

      My husband grew up in Ambridge and has always talked about the old businesses that were there when he was a kid. Frank’s and Police Station Pizza are two of his favorites. I have had the opportunity to try both and must say the Police Station Pizza is by far the best. We live in Pittsburgh now and have yet to find a Pizza joint that can hold a candle to Police Station Pizza. Here’s to many more years of success!

    21. Tony Says:

      My dad started this bussiness then sold it to my uncle when my dad went to work for the steel mill. My uncle owned it for years and then gave the bussiness to his son (My cousin).

      When I was young my dad used to make 10 to 15 trays every so often and freeze it. He would pull out acouple of trays to make them and if any of my friends found out he was making it they all wanted to come over for dinner!!
      I live in Ohio now and anytime I’m back visiting my family a trip the the pizza shop is a must.

      Keep up the good work Alec!!! From your cousin Tony.

    22. Thomas Says:

      I was introduced to police station pizza when i moved to Ambridge.
      After eating police station pizza all other pizza taste like carboard.
      The ingrediants are all fresh including the cheese. The sauce is superb! A 1/4 square will satisy 2 people and the taste is mouth watering.
      I pass by the shop most every night and it is always crowded.
      It’s a good shop with good employees !
      Kudos to them !

    23. Linda Says:

      I have been loving pizza in Ambridge since I was a little girl. My grandparents lived in Ambridge and I remember getting pizza from both Police Station and Cernones. Reading this thread brought back some great memories. Cernones was definately the I still live in the area and can get my Police Station fix on a regular basis. It is the best around.

    24. DC Says:

      Beaver County Pizza Rules. Police Station is awesome but I would have to go with my hometown Villa Di Pizza in Aliquippa. You either love it or hate it, but make the trip because Chubby always makes it interesting. Your likely to see him throw an undeserving customer or two out. NO Pizza for YOU!

    25. Mike Says:

      This is by far the best pizza in the Pittsburgh area. I was told to try Amatto’s(spelling?) in Etna because it was supposed to be the best; though it was good it did not compare to Police Station. Police Station is #1

    26. Greg Says:

      Lived on Police Station Pizza.
      Drank at Toninos
      Hung w/ scooter
      Rolled w/ Buzzy
      Laughed at Griff
      Smoked till I choked
      4th ward Rules
      Miss you

    27. Dan Says:

      Glad someone posted that the real name is Pizza House. Grew up in Monaca on Bud’s Pizza and have been told Police Station is just like Bud’s on better. Tried to order some when visiting Monaca last month unfortunately could not get the number to “Police Station Pizza” in Ambridge only Zelie. I understand why now. Look forward to trying when I get back to PA again.

    28. Rick Says:

      Have not lived in Ambridge since 1972. Currently live in Costa Rica but think of this pizza every day

    29. ClaudiaAnn Says:

      I was born and raised in Ambridge. Football and “Police Station Pizza” is a Friday night tradition! For the past 18 years I have lived in Kansas. When I come home with my husband and kids the Police Station Pizza is the “must” place to eat! By far the best pizza we have ever had!!! My teenagers wish we had one here in Kansas? Maybe we can start a chain??? I did learn that you can call to place an order and they will ship it anywhere in the US. You just assemble and bake! I think I will do that tomorrow! I can taste it now!

    30. Kate Says:

      I was born in Ambridge, but we moved away before I started school. We often visit our family in Pittsburgh, and we ALWAYS have Police Station Pizza on our trips. I now live 5 hours away, and I only get to have it once a year. But let me tell you, it’s the highlight of my trip to Pittsburgh! Extra cheese (unmelted) and mushrooms rules!

    31. Drake Says:

      Live in sewickley, as a kid I worked in the mill in Aliquippa so I had to go through Ambridge all the time,so I’ve been a huge fan for years,simply put,THE BEST crust in the business,fairly priced,great friendly service, just an awesome pie,well worth a trip if you like the best.Always get uncooked slices to freeze and take home.

    32. Josh Says:

      I grew up in Ambridge. My brother worked at the Pizza House for years. I moved to Florida in 2003 and their is not a day that goes by that I do not think about their pizza. The Pizza in South Florida sucks compaired to the Ambridge area. I miss home and cannot wait to come back and have some Franks and Police Station Pizza!!!!

    33. sheila Says:

      wow police station pizza. tried to find last week and ended up in pitt. i got lost coming from washington……..had police station when i lived in moom jones for it again lol lol hope to have some soon its the best

    34. Doctor Dick Says:

      I remember eating Police Station Pizza when I was a teenager living in Baden, and it was on 13th Street then. You could smell that stinky cheese two blocks away. We’d buy a half tray and eat it hot out of the box off the hood of our car. Every time I’m home to visit family I stop off to get a tray, and have at least one piece off the hood of the car. Some things never change. Hoorah!

    35. Doctor Dick Says:

      I remember eating Police Station Pizza when I was a teenager living in Baden, and it was on 13th Street then. You could smell that stinky cheese two blocks away. We’d buy a half tray and eat it hot out of the box off the hood of our car. Every time I’m home to visit family I stop off to get a tray, and have at least one piece off the hood of the car. Some things never change. In fact, I’m on my way ther now. Hoorah!

    36. Cyndi Says:

      There is no pizza anywhere that is better than this pizza. I’m 65 yrs. old, so you know how long I’ve been eating it. My family lives in Oakmont, my sister and her family live in Ligonier. When we would come back to visit our parents, we’d go back home with several boxes. I’m a food writer who wishes these folks were closer!!!

    37. QVGrad75 Says:

      I would love to open a franchise here in FL. Pizza sucks down here, unless my wife makes it from scratch, but nothing like Pizza House pizza. Anyone remember the scarey old guy with the bad eye that used to work at the old 13th St. location? He used to scare the crap out of me when I was a little kid!

    38. Dannielle (Reinard) Ripper Says:

      I was born and raised on Police Station pizza. My husband used to work at buzzys and thought it was the best. I set the challenge and needless to say, he is now a convert. I have been all over the world. Police Station IS the best. And they are friendly as well. Usually if you get one you don’t get the other..not in this case. Love you guys mwuah!

    39. lsedg Says:

      I just turned 61 and the first pizza I remember eating was 14th street pizza. I’ve been all over the country and all over the world and this is the only pizza I would call the best. I currently live in VA and am going home for the 4th. I will be standing in line with all the others coming back to PA for the 4th that call 14th street pizza the best. I usually buy three trays. Two for eating with the family before it gets cold and one to bring back to VA. Got to get there early on holiday weekends because of all the out of town people like myself that only get it a couple times a year.

    40. Walt Says:

      I agree with many of the comments here. This pizza brings back fond memories and is the best pizza I’ve eaten. Alex is a great guy and has been cranking out fantastic pizza for years! Have lived in Ohio for over 20 years now but make sure I get to Police Station pizza whenever I am in the area. Do yourself a favor and experience it for yourselves!

    41. Bill Says:

      Life is Good, we have the Pirates, Steelers and the Penguins, topped off with (14th Street) Police Station Pizza and an Iron City beer. What more can you ask for?? Go Bridgers..

    42. Sherri Says:

      When I was a little girl, I lived in the apartment above the original location. The smell of the pizza would waft upstairs into my room, and I loved it, though didn’t like that I couldn’t eat it every night too! In summer, it got way too hot from the ovens, so we’d go camping as much as possible. I remember coming home from third grade and the owner giving my brother and me slices of that delicious pizza as we went up the back stairs. No pizza has ever been better!

    43. Kate Says:

      I have to agree with all the above comments that pizza is the best hands down, I too have been around the world and nothing compares anywhere!! I like the fact the above comment mentioned the water, I do believe this to be true for the simple fact when they did open a second location in Zelienople, sometimes it wasn’t the same, and now I know why…it was the water!! that is the trick to that dough, oh trust me, my family and I have been trying to duplicate that recipe for years, we come close with the sauce but NEVER the crust! so I am stuck driving to Ambridge whenever I want to eat the best pizza in the world, but it’s well worth the drive! Heck I have driven from Penn State main campus on a Friday so we could have that pizza! and that was seven hours round trip, so if you haven’t tried it yet…get down there and it doesn’t matter whether you eat it hot right there out of the oven or the next morning after it’s been in the fridge all night!! I sometimes prefer it cold too!! keep it up guys….love it!!!

    44. Joe Says:

      I grew up in Aliquippa and have lived in 3 other states, but Ambridge does have the 2 best pizza places I have ever tasted. I personally like Frank’s better (first ate there 46 yrs ago and still visit it when I get back to town), but Police Station is the best square pizza I’ve had.

    45. Terry Robinson Says:

      I was raised on police station pizza also. The place to go after an Ambridge football game or any other time. The pizza has always been great and I have had many friends that worked there back in the day. I guess I am going to have to order a pie to be shipped to the OBX. I have never had anything better! Keep the tradition of PSP going guys. You are the best ever!

    46. Bobby Ru Says:

      The family tradition that has been handed down from this italian family is remarkable. They have given Pizza the honor and taste that a great pizza deserves.
      I come back from Burbank Ca every year with my son and the first thing we do is go to Ambridge for this Pizza.

      We bring it home to Burbank and everyone that eats it loves it.

    47. Ree Says:

      Born in Ambridge, I lived in Detroit for 33 years now n can’t go to visit without getting some Police Station Pizza. Just wish they were open on Sunday’s. Hint Hint

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